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The next contractor that would like to talk about some of their past experiences is Darren, who has been working specifically in Newcastle for the last 5 years for a company called Loft Conversion Newcastle.

One of the key parts about finding the right loft conversion company in the Newcastle area or even in the United Kingdom in general is the care and attention they provide to the home owner themselves. Any good company should absolutely work on the construction of the project with the utmost professionalism and respect throughout the years, and that doesn’t make a great loft conversion and building company.

What truly makes them great is the way they listen to the home owner before beginning the projects themselves. Knowing and understanding the customers vision is key to any business owner who wants to make sure the customer leaves the situation as happy as possible, and with the project they had originally aspired to.

It’s also good to provide the best possible customers service throughout the years, as every time you can be the nicest or most personable, the difference it makes while you are working within the home owners own living space makes a huge difference. Many do not realise the importance or impact that making a home owner feeling comfortable during a project, but the difference it makes is amazing.

It’s truly just as important to make sure that every home owner is as happy as possible throughout the process to ensure that they feel good while you are completing their vision. Otherwise, it would be easy to get a lot of things wrong and for issues to begin.

Just listening to the home owner and making sure you are doing everything absolutely correctly is a key part to making sure any building or construction project is completed the way it needs to be completed.



The next testimonial or complaint that we have is from a man called Mike, who has been working as a builder in Scotland.

I used to work in the north of Scotland where the highlands are practically home rather than the house itself, and throughout the years there were many things that I noticed from companies refusing to do the right thing.

You would think that a company that focuses everything on serving a customer’s home would do everything to make sure their job is being completed correctly. Unfortunately, we noticed throughout the years that building and construction companies do not necessarily care about the properties they are working on, but care about the money they are making and how much of it they could make and save.

One of the biggest issues that I had found throughout the years were how little woodworking was respected throughout the years. The main issue with losing focus or not caring enough about the wooden structure of homes especially in the highlands is rot. Both ordinary and dry rot are rapidly increased within the highlands due to the mountain air and condensation from the rivers, and you cannot overstate the long-term damage it could do to your home.

I pleaded with various builders over the years to use more renewable, stronger or more weather-resistant wood to ensure good strength behind the wood. Making sure that the wood could last for years despite the weather and conditions can not be overstated, and no matter how much I pled with companies, they would never use different woods.

Over time, it made me question the entire industry. I love the industry too as it gave me my own home and happiness, so I didn’t expect to experience the lack of care many business owners would give to their customers home.



After the first blog post that we had made, we didn’t want every post to be entirely negative. So, we have decided to add some testimonials to contractors that have good stories to tell. This next blog post will be by a man called Connor:

I have been working as a loft converter in Leeds for quite some time within my career. I am a loft conversions Leeds specialist and I pride myself on the importance I treat every project. Part of ensuring that I keep the same importance of every project is to make sure I maintain my absolute professionalism and respect throughout the work.

One of the best companies that I have worked for – especially in Leeds – would be Leeds Loft Converters. They were such a great company that I enjoyed every project that I managed to work with them. When we were converting lofts in the dead heat of summer and repairing diminished lofts in the coldest parts of winter, I always had fun on the project because of the people that I got to work with. Even better, I had the most fun thanks to the management.

The management that I worked with throughout the years at Leeds Loft Converters were the best that I had, because they truly cared about each project that we worked on together. They made sure that every job was completed to the highest standards, and in turn that made sure we would do the best job possible.

When you work with a company that you know truly cares about the jobs being completed, you know how much you are willing to give for them. You know you are willing to give as much to them as they would be to you, and it helps in unison to make sure every job is the best job.



The first post that we will be making in the view of a builder & contractor is from our friend Danny.

Danny’s piece:

I used to work in a loft conversion company in Bristol, and while I did not have a problem with the quality of the construction in any given project, what really bothered me was the way they decided to complete some of the projects that they had undertaken. The projects would be completed by taking large short cuts or intentionally compromising the integrity of any given project. Sometimes, the level of short cuts has come to a point where it would be a genuine fatal concern when a project was completed.

They would intentionally cut corners and spend less on raw materials and other structurally important resources to make sure that the job was completed with as little money spent as possible, and as quickly as they could. These things wouldn’t really be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that they would buy smaller, thinner and weaker steel beams to make sure that the lofts could stay upright even though we couldn’t guarantee definitive safety.

While this may not be a large issue to many people, any builder knows that being inconsistent or irresponsible with the sizes and strengths of any construction project could have incredibly harsh and fatal repercussions. It cannot be stated enough how much of an issue it is to do things like this.

While there are many companies doing this, I had to make sure to report this company to the appropriate and relevant governing bodies. While the effects and ramifications of making such mistakes are not immediately obvious, it’s clear over a long space of time that a home owner would have a significant risk of fatal injuries to them and those in the house.

Common Nail Construction Journal

Common Nail Construction Journal

Common Nail Construction Journal has been created for all United Kingdom construction and loft conversion companies with one sole purpose, to document and keep track of all complaints that workers despite occupation can accurately air their grievances and hopefully make change within the industry. As any of us know, it is too easy for builders and other contractors on a site to be manipulated or taken advantage of because of a variety of reasons such as authority, seniority or even just managers that are being abusive.

Builders and contractors have very little power on a building site because of the power that managers have over people on the site. Unfortunately, even though there are “unions”, they don’t matter so much when it comes to having a business owner that doesn’t care much for its own employees, especially if they are easy to replace. In this care, it’s incredibly easy to replace contractors.

That is why we have decided to make a blog solely focused on making sure that builders finally have a way to air their grievances. We will be posting stories and blog posts of each builder than has been unfortunately taken advantage of in some way or have specific concerns that they feel they need to share about one of the companies. It’s good for anyone who is having work related issued to have someone to air their issues, and that’s what we would like to do.

We will make sure that builders and contractors will have a way to share anything that their companies are doing wrong. The key to making sure that a company changes its own way is to make sure that everyone else is aware of what is being incorrectly completed. While it may seem like an obvious task, it’s key to ensuring that companies are effectively held accountable.