The next testimonial or complaint that we have is from a man called Mike, who has been working as a builder in Scotland.

I used to work in the north of Scotland where the highlands are practically home rather than the house itself, and throughout the years there were many things that I noticed from companies refusing to do the right thing.

You would think that a company that focuses everything on serving a customer’s home would do everything to make sure their job is being completed correctly. Unfortunately, we noticed throughout the years that building and construction companies do not necessarily care about the properties they are working on, but care about the money they are making and how much of it they could make and save.

One of the biggest issues that I had found throughout the years were how little woodworking was respected throughout the years. The main issue with losing focus or not caring enough about the wooden structure of homes especially in the highlands is rot. Both ordinary and dry rot are rapidly increased within the highlands due to the mountain air and condensation from the rivers, and you cannot overstate the long-term damage it could do to your home.

I pleaded with various builders over the years to use more renewable, stronger or more weather-resistant wood to ensure good strength behind the wood. Making sure that the wood could last for years despite the weather and conditions can not be overstated, and no matter how much I pled with companies, they would never use different woods.

Over time, it made me question the entire industry. I love the industry too as it gave me my own home and happiness, so I didn’t expect to experience the lack of care many business owners would give to their customers home.

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