After the first blog post that we had made, we didn’t want every post to be entirely negative. So, we have decided to add some testimonials to contractors that have good stories to tell. This next blog post will be by a man called Connor:

I have been working as a loft converter in Leeds for quite some time within my career. I am a loft conversions Leeds specialist and I pride myself on the importance I treat every project. Part of ensuring that I keep the same importance of every project is to make sure I maintain my absolute professionalism and respect throughout the work.

One of the best companies that I have worked for – especially in Leeds – would be Leeds Loft Converters. They were such a great company that I enjoyed every project that I managed to work with them. When we were converting lofts in the dead heat of summer and repairing diminished lofts in the coldest parts of winter, I always had fun on the project because of the people that I got to work with. Even better, I had the most fun thanks to the management.

The management that I worked with throughout the years at Leeds Loft Converters were the best that I had, because they truly cared about each project that we worked on together. They made sure that every job was completed to the highest standards, and in turn that made sure we would do the best job possible.

When you work with a company that you know truly cares about the jobs being completed, you know how much you are willing to give for them. You know you are willing to give as much to them as they would be to you, and it helps in unison to make sure every job is the best job.

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