The first post that we will be making in the view of a builder & contractor is from our friend Danny.

Danny’s piece:

I used to work in a loft conversion company in Bristol, and while I did not have a problem with the quality of the construction in any given project, what really bothered me was the way they decided to complete some of the projects that they had undertaken. The projects would be completed by taking large short cuts or intentionally compromising the integrity of any given project. Sometimes, the level of short cuts has come to a point where it would be a genuine fatal concern when a project was completed.

They would intentionally cut corners and spend less on raw materials and other structurally important resources to make sure that the job was completed with as little money spent as possible, and as quickly as they could. These things wouldn’t really be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that they would buy smaller, thinner and weaker steel beams to make sure that the lofts could stay upright even though we couldn’t guarantee definitive safety.

While this may not be a large issue to many people, any builder knows that being inconsistent or irresponsible with the sizes and strengths of any construction project could have incredibly harsh and fatal repercussions. It cannot be stated enough how much of an issue it is to do things like this.

While there are many companies doing this, I had to make sure to report this company to the appropriate and relevant governing bodies. While the effects and ramifications of making such mistakes are not immediately obvious, it’s clear over a long space of time that a home owner would have a significant risk of fatal injuries to them and those in the house.

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