Common Nail Construction Journal

Common Nail Construction Journal

Common Nail Construction Journal has been created for all United Kingdom construction and loft conversion companies with one sole purpose, to document and keep track of all complaints that workers despite occupation can accurately air their grievances and hopefully make change within the industry. As any of us know, it is too easy for builders and other contractors on a site to be manipulated or taken advantage of because of a variety of reasons such as authority, seniority or even just managers that are being abusive.

Builders and contractors have very little power on a building site because of the power that managers have over people on the site. Unfortunately, even though there are “unions”, they don’t matter so much when it comes to having a business owner that doesn’t care much for its own employees, especially if they are easy to replace. In this care, it’s incredibly easy to replace contractors.

That is why we have decided to make a blog solely focused on making sure that builders finally have a way to air their grievances. We will be posting stories and blog posts of each builder than has been unfortunately taken advantage of in some way or have specific concerns that they feel they need to share about one of the companies. It’s good for anyone who is having work related issued to have someone to air their issues, and that’s what we would like to do.

We will make sure that builders and contractors will have a way to share anything that their companies are doing wrong. The key to making sure that a company changes its own way is to make sure that everyone else is aware of what is being incorrectly completed. While it may seem like an obvious task, it’s key to ensuring that companies are effectively held accountable.

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